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Not much can compare to the freedom and exhilaration you feel when riding your motorcycle out on Colorado’s scenic roadways. However, getting injured in a motorcycle accident is one of the most challenging and painful experiences you and your family may ever face.

Complimentary Motorcycle Accident Case Review

At Leventhal Sar LLC, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Denver are passionate about helping injury victims recover the full compensation and justice they deserve. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or inattention of another driver on the road, contact us today by completing the form on this page or by calling 720.667.3030 to discuss your case for free. We proudly serve clients from Aurora, Cherry Creek and throughout the greater Denver area.

Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

In comes as no surprise that motorcyclists are at greater risk on the roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. In many cases, these tragic crashes are the fault of a car driver, not the motorcyclist. Some of the most common injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident include:

Many of these traumatic injuries can require extensive medical care, a considerable amount of rehabilitative therapy and substantial time away from work. Most families are not able to shoulder these financial burdens, and the ultimate ramifications can be dire.

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Causes of Denver Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle requires a deft combination of skill and judgment. If you want to optimize your chances for a safe ride, you need to be prepared and avoid risks. “Being prepared” means that you wear the right gear, including a helmet, protective clothing and eye protection. “Avoiding risks” means that you should drive defensively, avoid bad weather and never ride a bike that’s more than you can handle.

Still, even when riding safely and obeying the rules of the road, motorcycle accidents can happen. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Collisions with cars: Many times, car and truck drivers simply don’t – or can’t – see motorcyclists, either because of blind spots, dark conditions or poor weather.
  • Sudden stops: Any rear-end collision can be dangerous, but for a motorcycle, it can be devastating. Sudden stops can easily eject a motorcyclist from a bike, head over heels into traffic.
  • Open-door accidents: These particular kinds of accidents are common in Denver’s densely urban areas. Even when car occupants check their mirrors before opening a door, they may not see an oncoming motorcycle, and put the rider’s life in jeopardy.

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You can trust the motorcycle accident attorneys of Leventhal Sar LLC to help you determine who is responsible for your injuries and aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve. Our commitment to client-focused, individualized representation means that you won’t be handed off to an assistant or paralegal.

During your free initial consultation, you’ll meet directly with our Denver motorcycle accident lawyers to discuss the details and strategy of your case. Our attorneys will help you understand what your case is worth and supply you with the information you need to decide whether to settle or take your case to court.

We work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid until you do.

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