Insurance Denial Lawyers

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The insurance industry is one of the largest moneymaking industries in the United States. Insurance companies turn massive profits every year, making a small number of executives and stockholders very rich. Unfortunately, some of those profits come at the expense of the injured and deserving people the insurance policies were intended to protect.

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Why Did the Insurance Company Deny My Claim?

If you’ve ever read the fine print of an insurance policy, you probably know how difficult it can be to understand what is and isn’t covered. Many times, when an insurance representative says that a particular procedure or event isn’t covered, people simply accept that answer and give up. Those people don’t understand that many insurers reward employees who deny claims.

There are several situations in which insurance companies will try to deny coverage, such as:

  • Refusing to pay for emergency care because it was “out-of-network”, even when you weren’t in any condition to secure pre-approval
  • Claiming a condition is pre-existing without adequate proof
  • Refusing to pay for a pre-approved surgery or procedure after it has been completed
  • Claiming a procedure is experimental even when your doctor disagrees
  • Refusing to pay for a costly procedure

Even if your claim has been approved, you may find that your insurer stalls or delays your payment for as long as possible. These tactics are known as bad faith, and can create enormous financial and emotional burdens when you’ve been injured and need treatmement. Medical providers want to get paid, and when the insurance company doesn’t cover your bills, hospitals, doctors and physical therapists turn to you for payment.

Denial of a Disability Insurance Policy

Some injuries are so catastrophic that they prevent you from getting back to your job and earning a living wage. Insurance companies will launch investigations and hire experts to challenge or deny your disability insurance claims. You may be told that your injury was an exclusion in your policy. You may even be accused not actually being disabled. Because of these common tactics, it is important that as soon as you suffer a traumatic injury, you contact an attorney at Leventhal Sar LLC. We know the schemes insurance companies use to deny claims and we won’t back down from fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Denial of a Life Insurance Policy

Following the tragic loss of a loved one, life insurance proceeds can be critical to your family’s financial security. Insurance companies typically launch immediate investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death, and deny payment for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The employer of the deceased failed to submit proper documentation
  • Asserting there was a lapse in policy
  • Claiming the death resulted from a non-covered exclusion, such as suicide
  • Claiming there were material misrepresentations in the life insurance application
  • Denying the death has even occurred

In these situations, it is important to have a qualified insurance denial lawyer working on your side.

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