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You pay your insurance premiums faithfully every month with the expectation that should an unexpected event occur and you need to file a claim, coverage will be there for you. However, insurance companies don’t always have your best interest at heart. You may be shocked when suddenly, at the moment you finally need protection, you become your insurer’s rival.

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to work with and frequently deny insurance claims unjustly, delay payments and make insufficient settlement offers. This troublesome practice is known as “bad faith”, and it can wreak havoc on your finances and personal life.

If you are struggling with an insurance company in the Cherry Creek, Aurora or Denver areas, contact an experienced insurance bad faith lawyer at Leventhal Sar LLC by completing the form on this page or calling 720.667.3030 to schedule a free consultation. We know the insurance company’s tactics and we won’t back down when protecting your rights.

Have You Been Denied an Insurance Claim in Colorado?

Most people in Denver have some sort of insurance coverage, whether it is for health, home or car. Not everyone, however, has a clear understanding of how the insurance process works. It’s important to remember that insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying claims.

There are a variety of schemes insurance companies use to deny claims. The consequences of these actions can be dire. As debts mount, the financial burden may be too great for you to handle and could possibly lead to bankruptcy. The diligent insurance bad faith attorneys of Leventhal Sar LLC will hold insurers accountable for bad faith practices such as:

  • Ignoring expert opinions that would influence the claim
  • Canceling your policy or benefits after a claim is made
  • Failing to pay a claim in a timely manner or delaying the process
  • Withholding or ignoring evidence supporting your claim
  • Insurance denial based on inadequate evidence or a misrepresentation of facts
  • Trying to settle your claim for an unfair amount

Choose Denver Attorneys Leventhal Sar LLC For Your Insurance Bad Faith Case

Although an insurance settlement can mean the world to you personally, insurance companies see you as just another case number. At Leventhal Sar LLC, you are our top priority. When you contact our Denver office, you will connect directly to a qualified insurance bad faith lawyer, not an assistant or case manager. During your free initial consultation, you will meet with our partners in person to thoroughly discuss the details of your case. If you are injured or unable to visit, we will come to you, whether you are at home or recovering in a hospital room.

Insurance companies sell trust, but often don’t deliver. At Leventhal Sar LLC, trust is the cornerstone of our reputation. If we don’t think you have a case, we’ll tell you right away. We won’t drag you through uncertainty and added costs. We work on a contingency basis, which means that we do not collect any money for our services unless you win your case.

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