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Hail Pelting Roof in Storm So far, spring has been relatively mellow in the Denver metro area. We’ve had a few storms, some big, but nothing like some of the major storms of Denver’s past. However, with the hail season just beginning, there is still plenty more damage that could be done.

Hail tends to hit Colorado with some regularity between April and September, with June historically seeing the most destructive and dangerous hail storms. In May of 2017, one such hail storm occurred, costing Denver residents more than any prior. Totaling $2.4 billion in the Denver area alone, some people are still awaiting payment for property damage. If you are among them, you may have a right to take legal action that compels your insurance company to make good on what you are owed.

Preparing for the Storms

The Front Range sees an average of 13 large hail events yearly. Planning for these inevitabilities can help keep you, your loved ones, and your belongings safe.

If you are at home when a serious storm strikes, it is best to stay inside, close all drapes and blinds, and move away from windows. If your house has a basement, that may be the best place to ride the storm out.

If you are driving and a hail storm begins, pull over, move into the center of the vehicle, as far away from glass as possible, and cover yourself with a blanket. If you do not have a blanket in your car, now is the time to make that adjustment. A blanket in the car may come in handy on more than one occasion.

After a storm, be sure to check your roof for damage. Hailstones can fall to earth at a rate of 90+ MPH and when a barrage of them hit your roof, shingles and underlying decking can be damaged. If your roof is damaged during a storm, your homeowner’s insurance should cover everything after your deductible. You can even look into discounts for impact-resistant roofing materials that many insurance companies will incentivize. Talk to your agent about your options to make sure you are selecting the best quality roof for your family.

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Getting Fair Compensation

When the storm is over and the damage is assessed, it’s time to file a claim. Unfortunately, this is where many people run into problems. Insurance companies are for-profit corporations with growth motivations to minimize payments. In doing so, sometimes they cross the line into bad faith. In those cases, without the help of an attorney, you may never see a penny of what you are owed. If your insurance company is not dealing fairly with you, we are here to help.

Our Denver storm damage attorneys understand how frustrating it can be to wait for an insurance company to provide relief. We are here to hold them to account while we fight for the full compensation you deserve.

If you live in Denver or surrounding areas along the Front Range, please call Leventhal Sar LLC at 720-667-3030 to schedule a free case review today. We welcome clients from Metro Denver and all surrounding areas.

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