Motorcycle Accident FAQ

How many registered motorcycles are there in Colorado?

According to the Statista, there are 190,592 registered motorcycles in the state of Colorado. Many of these are in metro areas like Denver or Fort Collins, but motorcycles are popular on the plains and in the high country as well.

Motorcyclist Crash Attorney | Denver | Colorado How many motorcycle accidents occur in Colorado every year?

Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur in Colorado yearly. According to CDOT, 103 motorcyclists in Colorado died in fatal accidents in 2017, representing over 15% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in CO last year. For 2018, the rate is on pace to match with 76 fatal motorcycle accidents reported to the NHTSA as of September 24th.

What percentage of motorcycle Riders are involved in accidents?

The NHTSA reports that motorcycle riders account for 4% of all motor vehicle accident injuries and 18% of all traffic accident deaths. In 2016, there were 608 traffic accident-related deaths in Colorado. That year, with 125 fatal motorcycle accidents, over 20% of accidents resulting in death involved a motorcycle rider.

What are the most common motorcycle accident injuries?

Common motorcycle accident injuries include:

These injuries are still possible when safety equipment such as helmets, leathers, and goggles are worn, but their severity is often significantly diminished when the proper gear is used.

What are the top causes of motorcycle accidents?

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is other drivers. In fact, the most common accident occurs when a passenger vehicle fails to yield the right of way to a motorcycle. This may be due to lower visibility or a result of any number of distractions, but it points to one simple truth: most motorcyclists who are injured in accidents are eligible to seek larger settlements through legal action.

Other causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Impaired driving
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Faulty equipment
  • Speeding

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident that you did not cause, you are entitled to seek compensation through legal action. With a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, you can often secure a much larger settlement than what may be offered by insurance.

Do I need a lawyer after a motorcycle accident?

You need a lawyer after a motorcycle accident if you have been seriously injured. Serious injury can result in a lifetime of struggle: physical pain, emotional suffering, new limitations, an inability to work and socialize as you once did, and ongoing medical expenses. Generally speaking, insurance won’t do much to cover those long-term expenses. Talking to an attorney is free and it remains the best way to determine if you have the option of seeking additional compensation following a life-altering injury.

If you live in or around Denver and are in need of a motorcycle accident lawyer, please call Leventhal Sar LLC at 720-667-3030 to schedule your complimentary case evaluation today.

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