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There is more than one side to every accident. Sometimes, it turns out that fault lies with someone else. Sometimes, it’s your own behavior that caused problems. Often, it’s some combination of factors, making things a little murky when it comes to liability.

When you are found to be liable for an accident, your insurance will be responsible for paying the damages. When injury is serious or when a lawsuit is filed, your insurance company may appoint an attorney to represent you during settlement negotiations or in the eventuality of a trial.

Who Will Pay for My Damages?

Injured man looking at bills and wondering how to pay for them

When you are injured in an accident, insurance typically pays for related medical expenses and other economic damages. If you have a deductible, you will need to satisfy that agreement before collecting compensation. Your settlement will only be as large as your policy allows.

Colorado Hail Storm Damage Attorney

Denver's Top 5 Costliest Hail Storms | Leventhal SarPrior to May 8th, 2017, Denver’s most expensive hail storm happened on July 11th, 1990.  Costing the city $625 million when it occurred, the total damage done by the storm is equal to $1.1 billion today. Monday’s storm may not have been that extreme, but it may yet rank among the costliest storms in Colorado history.

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